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Climate Hope

Climate Hope is a testimony to the fighting spirit of citizens across America who are working to oppose new coal-fired power plants and mountaintop removal mines. With coal so pivotal to climate change, I hope this book will bring more attention to this growing grassroots movement, which is playing a vital role in defending our home planet and our grandchildren’s future.”
–Dr. James Hansen

… a powerful chronicle of the grassroots movements to stop the construction of coal-fired plants, and halt mountaintop removal operations in Appalachia… Nace’s book is a stunning tribute to the citizen movements afoot that will ultimately push our country to a coal free future.”
–Jeff Biggers, Huffington Post


“CoalSwarm is a great example of a loose community united by a common cause developing a shared resource to do their collective work better.”
–Advocacy 2.0

“For the more academic activist, look to CoalSwarm, the one-stop-shop wiki for all the dirt you need on coal. CoalSwarm is an effort to create transparent, group-source information about the coal industry: tracking plant announcements, political maneuvers, lawsuits and more. As one supporter explained: ‘It’s putting information once the province of lobbyists into local activist’s hands.”
–Rachel Barge, SolveClimate

The Anti-Coal Movement

“What began as a few local ripples of resistance to coal-fired power is quickly evolving into a national tidal wave of grassroots opposition from environmental, health, farm, and community organizations and a fast-growing number of state governments. The public at large is turning against coal.”
–Lester Brown, President, Earth Policy Institute

“In a few years, the backlash against coal power in America has become the country’s biggest-ever environmental campaign, transforming the nation’s awareness of climate change and inspiring political leaders to take firmer action after years of doubt and delay. Plants have been defeated in at least 30 of the 50 states, uniting those with already strong environmental records, such as California, with more conservative areas, such as the southern and central states.”
–Juliette Jowit, Manchester Guardian